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Model Documents

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The Pennsylvania Land Trust Association develops and maintains model documents to assist people in achieving conservation efficiently and effectively. The PALTA models are the products of thorough research and analysis of best practices, scrutiny by legal professionals, real world testing and user feedback.

Most of the model documents are accompanied by an expansive commentary. (Most are also backed by a guide that explores more broadly the situations where the model is applicable.) When using a model document, review the associated commentary! The commentary provides optional and alternative provisions, the reasoning behind each of the model's provisions, and guidance in applying the model to particular circumstances.

Each new model edition is posted for everyone to view and use – at no charge. In exchange, users are asked to share their experiences and comments with the model's developers to better inform future editions. The model's developers address every suggestion received.

If you have found a model document helpful, please consider submitting a testimonial to help the Pennsylvania Land Trust Association demonstrate the value of the models to those who make them financially possible.