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Urban Growth Boundaries

Holding The Line: Urban Containment In The United States

A comprehensive review of the urban growth boundary tool, including evaluations of different urban containment techniques, a study of their prevalence in the United States, and case studies.
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Dec 09, 2009
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Managing Maryland’s Growth, Models and Guidelines, Urban Growth Boundaries

Organizations/Sources: The Maryland Office of Planning
This report examines urban growth boundaries as a technique for concentrating growth in development areas and discouraging it elsewhere. It explains how boundaries are used in Maryland and in other states, outlines the elements that must be present for a growth boundary to be successful, and presents a step-by-step procedure for creating and enacting a boundary.
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Apr 14, 2017
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Urban Growth Boundary

Authors: Mary Frey
Organizations/Sources: Lancaster County Planning Commission
Urban growth boundaries are used to contain land development by delineating areas where government policy encourages high density, mixed used development from areas where policy encourages rural and agricultural uses. Urban growth boundaries can promote prosperous urban areas and protect farmland and open space.
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Apr 28, 2017
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